Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I buy the flow loop shower system?

The Flow Loop panel is not yet available for purchase. We plan to launch our recirculating shower as certifications come in place.

Please sign up on the contact page for more information, and to be among the first in your region to get your hands on the Flow Loop shower panel!

What is the price of the shower system?

We want to make this technology accessible and affordable – so that as many households as possible – can install the Flow Loop shower panel, and start saving water and energy from day one!

Our aim is, to give an average 4 person household a payback time of less than 4 years – wich means that the shower panel should in effect ‘pay for it-self’ over a period of 4 years (depending on local climate, water and energy costs).

The pricing is still not final and subject to variation and change due to local terms and conditions as well as other variables like VAT, customs, shipping and market specific add-ons. The product will also vary for different markets depending on eg. different plumbing and electrical standards.

If you want to know more, get in touch on the contact page.

How safe is the system?
What if I get shower water in my mouth?

The water is constantly micro-filtered and UV-purified, so no harm is done.

99,99% of any bacteria, microbes or viruses in the water are eliminated by passing through the high intensity ultra violet light – just as UV-radiation from sunlight also purifies surface water in nature.

Any standard shower has an inherent risk of Legionella bacteria from the household’s hot water supply. Because this risk is also eliminated by the shower panel’s UV-purification, the recirculated shower water will in some cases actually be safer than the warm water from other taps or showers in the same household.

Here is a brief explanation of UV-purification and here is a more in depth explanation.


What if I pee in the shower?

No need to worry. If this occurs during the recirculation mode, we recommend opening the specialized drain cover momentarily to allow the urine to pass down through the drain. Opening the drain will automatically switch back to standard shower mode and the floor will be rinsed clean by fresh water before you choose to restart circulation by closing the drain again.

Should you (or a child) however not open the drain in time, then any urine is quickly diluted on the shower floor by the constant addition of fresh warm water to the system’s continuous replacement of water in the circulation flow. Any traces of urine entering the circulation system are still constantly purified by the high intensity UV light, so there is no health risk from potential pathogens.


Will I ever shower in another person’s (left-over) water?

No, never. Each shower begins and ends with a complete flushing out of the system. This high pressure self-cleaning process also ensures that the micro-filters are cleaned out of all impurities. This water is directly drained, so that the system only uses fresh water for the initiation of each individual shower.

If you shower more than one person together, the water is still circulated through the same filtration and purification process.


How are you able to use electricity in the shower?

The components that power the Flow Loop shower panel operate on low-voltage (12vDC) and are housed in certified casings (IP67) to specifically function safely in very wet environments. These electrical elements are all fitted inside the panel casing, away from direct contact with any water.

Can I also use the shower as a regular shower?

Yes, we designed the system to be a hybrid shower – so you can always choose what you wish.

In some situations it may not be relevant or desirable to circulate shower water – e.g. if you are cleaning muddy boots or washing a dog (which could eventually clog the filters unnecessarily and reduce flow during the session).

We believe the user should have the freedom of choice – so with our hybrid shower solution you can choose to use it as a standard shower and at any given point switch to the circulation mode to achieve higher savings as well as higher flow and better comfort.

How do I install it?
What does retrofit mean?

Retrofit means that no significant change is needed for installation of the system in an existing shower space – therefore the shower panel can be installed at any time and not necessarily during the construction phase or remodelling of the bathroom.

If, however, an electrical outlet is not already established in your bathroom, you will have to hire an authorized electrician to wire in an outlet for the 12v power supply. The cable is discreetly hidden in a wedge-like canal between wall and ceiling.


What is the installation process?

In most bathrooms the existing drain cover is simply removed and replaced by our patent pending drain cover (different versions will be available fro different markets).

The existing shower fittings or shower mixer is removed.

The panel’s flexible tubing is then connected to the hot and cold water outlets via one-way valve.

The system’s 12V power supply is now connected safely outside the wet zone and the system is “ready to flow”.

All the weight of the panel is on the floor, not the wall. This means that only at the top of the panel a bracket with 2 screws is needed to keep the panel against the wall. The water membrane in the shower space is thereby not broken at any level below the top shower head (at 210 cm above the floor). The entire installation process should not take longer than 30min.


Do you need to drill holes in the tiles on the wall?

The weight of the Flow Loop panel is resting on the shower floor via the suction inlet. This eliminates the need to drill through the tiles and mount heavy duty brackets onto the bathroom wall, which would break the water membrane in the wall. Only at the very top of the panel there is a bracket mounted to the wall with 2 screws to keep the panel towards the bathroom wall, above the water barrier. This specialized attachment allows for semi-permanent installation, in case of unforeseen bathroom maintenance or for moving of the entire system to another bathroom.

Will it fit in MY bathroom?
How much space does the Flow Loop panel take up?

Not much. We’ve made an effort to design the Flow Loop panel to fit into most showering spaces, and it also has optional shelving behind the panel.

All the current models stand at 220cm (7.2ft) tall.

The standard model is approx. 50cm (20in) wide and 12cm (5in) deep. The weight of the entire product is about 40kg (85lbs) depending on cover material.  

Do you have a solution for mobile homes/boats/bathtubs?

Not yet, but we are looking into making different versions for different applications. Please keep the good suggestions coming in to – and we will try to take them into consideration in the further development of new versions.

What do you mean by No/Low Maintence?
Is there any additional maintenance?

At Flow Loop we have taken great care to focus on providing a product that is as maintenance free as possible. The automatic backflush before and after every shower, ensures that the filtration system is rinsed and cleared of any particles such as hair, sand and skin cells etc.

Furthermore, we have integrated the option to manually backflush the system if the user desires additional rinsing of the prefilter at the end of a shower. As with any product that is used on a daily basis (as eg. a dish washer), it is always a good idea to keep an eye on changes in performance, like reduced flow. If changes in performance is noticed a manual check and rinse of the prefilter may be required.

This also means: no expensive filter changes.


What if the filter gets clogged/does the filter need to be changed?

The stainless steel micro-filters in the system are specifically designed to reverse rinse out all contaminants/particles during the automatic backwash function with high pressure rotating nozzles at both the start and end of every shower (only using 1,5L for about 10 seconds).

If for any reason you are very dirty – and do not choose to have a rinse in the standard shower mode before activating the recirculation mode – then you are still able to manually control the backwash for as long as you consider necessary. This allows you to on demand improve the flow and ensure all impurities are flushed out of the filtration system. This could be the case if you choose to shave in the shower and want to make sure there is nothing left in the pre-filter before another person enters the shower. The pre-filter (100 micron) prevents hair and larger particles like sand from entering into the main filter (20 micron) which takes out smaller particles before the water is UV-treated.

So, no expensive filter changes.


Does the UV light need replacement?

The Philips UV light bulb/tube has an expected life time of 9.000 hours and should with normal use (1 hour of daily showering) have a life time of more than 24 years… Should it – for any reason – burn out before time, it is easily replaceable with another UV-light bulb. The system will automatically notify you and shut off circulation mode, in the unlikely event the light bulb at some point should need replacement.

I am a retailer/distributor/contractor/hotel and would like to offer Flow Loop to my customers

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