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Hotels use twice as much water as we do in private homes. Among other things because we bathe more often and longer when we are at a hotel. Flow Loop’s recycling shower Eco Loop makes the bath sustainable while improving the shower experience.

If your hotel is Green Key or Eco-label certified, you can use Flow Loop’s recycling shower to offer your guests a superior shower experience that you would not otherwise be able to provide while saving water and energy.

Both private travelers and companies have a strong focus on the sustainability of hotel and conference facilities when booking this


There is a lot of showering here and there is often a compromise with the showering experience to save water.

With Flow Loop recycling shower Eco Loop, you do not have to compromise on the shower experience to save water, energy and even improve your opertating costs.


Many people take a bath before or after work, which means that the recirculating shower is quickly earned back while the company can offer its employees a bathing experience beyond the usual which is even sustainable. When

Eco Loop is installed in the changing facilities at the workplace, it supports your CSR strategy.


The shower is one of those relaxing moments. Many people have a bad conscience due to a high water and energy consumption when taking a bath, as the bath is where the most water and second most energy is used in the home.

With Eco Loop you get an outstanding shower experience and support the environment at the same time.

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